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Инструмент Lanberg universal stripping tool for UTP STP telefon and data cable

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Продуктов №: NT-0101

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Х-ка 2 Lanberg’s stripping tool NT-0101 is a universal device intended for all cable installers, with broad scope of applications, such as traditional electronic workshops or professional installation sites.
Х-ка 3 This particular product is dedicated to stripping the external insulation or cutting cabling such as ethernet (UTP, FTP, SFTP), coaxial, data, telephone, LAN and electric wires.
Х-ка 4 Appropriate design of the blades and flexible configuration of stripping tool ensures, that insulation layer of cable is correctly removed, without damaging any internal veins of a wire.
Х-ка 5 Stripping insulation of round cables (rotation 1-3x): 1.3mm ~ 3.3mm.
Х-ка 6 Stripping insulation of multi-conductor cables: 3.2mm ~ 9.0mm.
Х-ка 7 Stripping insulation of installation wires: 0.3mm ~ 0.8mm.
Х-ка 8 Stripping insulation of telephone and LAN wires: 8p (RJ-45 – 8P8C), 6p (RJ-14 – 6P4C and RJ-12 – 6P6C), 4p (RJ-9 – 4P4C), 2p.


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