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Инструмент Lanberg multifunctional wire pair tracer RJ-45, RJ-12, RJ-11, coaxial

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Х-ка 2Lanberg’s cable tester with identifier of cable pairs NT-0501 is a multifunctional device for scanning and testing cables of ICT networks.
Х-ка 3It helps significantly save time in searching and verifying pairs wire networks and electric wires.
Х-ка 4The device locates, verifies the connection and detects any problems such as short circuits or incorrect cable pair connections. With the use of this particular Laberg’s device users can detect wires in most types of support terminals.
Х-ка 5Find the location of sought wires.
Х-ка 6Identify and verify wires and their overall condition.
Х-ка 7Test cable measurements and their continuity.
Х-ка 8Locate and verify any occurring short-circuits.


Продуктов №: NT-0501

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